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Cancel filtering services for a domain

To cancel filtering services for a domain from within the control panel:

1)  Switch your MX records so that your domain's email is delivered directly to your mail server.  To do this, create an MX record that points to your mail server and remove all SpamScrutiny MX records. 


2) Wait until no more email is flowing through SpamScrutiny.  **To do this, use the Quarantine+ tool to view clean email that has passed through our service.**  Wait at least 24 hours to make sure all mail servers have picked up your MX record change. 

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When cancelling a new account (during or directly after the free trial period) the balance is cleared automatically and the billing system stops asking for payment information.

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A pro-rated credit is automatically applied when services are cancelled before the renewal date.  Any applicable pre-payment discounts are reversed before credits are applied.  Payments made within the last 30 days are eligible for a pro-rated refund upon request, less a processing fee of 10% (minimum $10).

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